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Millions of Americans realized we fell asleep at the political wheel and have taken responsibility for doing so-hence the coming together of the Tea Party-we know the only way to change our direction is to change our politicians. However, you have to be an informed and educated voter.

It is our civic duty to take an active role in our country’s governance. Too many of us forgot, were too busy with life or just didn’t care-now our country is in a mess thanks to politicians taking advantage of our trust in them.

Here you will find a plethora of information regarding local, state and national politics and the effect on our everyday lives.

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We ask that you familiarize yourself with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights-once you do you’ll quickly realize just how far out of spec most of our politicians truly are. Hillsdale College has a free 10-week online course called “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution”  For their website, click here - www.rushforhillsdale.com

Many of us have been duped into thinking government has all the power-the Constitution and Bill of Rights give you and me-We the People-the power. Government is not the answer-the answers lie within each of us, the individual.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of We the People, is to hold our elected servants in both state and federal governments accountable to the United States Constitution and the laws made pursuance thereof, and to that end, make every effort to educate Americans to their heritage, which is based on Judeo/Christian principles, and found in the Declaration of Independence, and the explanatory writings of the Founding Fathers and Framer's of the Constitution.


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We the People, an unincorporated association, is a collection of its individual members existing on behalf of and to further the interest of those members.  It does not exist to further itself as a corporate entity.


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Our Strategic Plan

  • To gather and disseminate information on issues, officials, and candidates.
  • Propose possible courses of action on the issues, i.e., attending a rally, meeting or hearing, making phone calls or writing emails.
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  • Encourage membership growth using flyers, newsletters, and website www.wtpccmd.org.
  • Develop a social program to honor Veterans of the United States

                                                             In a Democracy, Majority Rules”
This was the headline over Judy Hake’s Opinion article in the Carroll County Times’ edition of 2/7/15.  Her first sentence reads, “It appears that a few members of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee have forgotten that we live in a democracy.” 
Impressive -- but wrong.  Ours is (still) a constitutional republic, not a democracy.  To quote a recent Secretary of State, “What difference does it make?”  Actually, a huge difference.  In a democracy, if the President (or Governor, or Prime Minister, or whoever is currently running things) decides that people like Judy Hake – or me – are a major pain in the butt, all that ruler needs to do is convince 50.000001% of that democracy to censor free speech, and it’s done.  (Of course, our current golfer-in-chief doesn’t even need that – just his pen and his phone.)  Is this what Ms. Hake really wants?  I don’t. 
But wait!  Later in her article, Ms. Hake states, “Government officials are expected to obey the law.  They may object, and they are welcome to try to persuade others to their point of view.  But they don’t get to break the law because they disagree with it.”
This time, she’s dead right.  So, let’s look at the law – in this instance, the State Constitution.  Keep in mind that, just as the federal Constitution is “the supreme Law of the Land” (Article VI) our State Constitution is Maryland’s supreme law.  And it’s pretty specific about the process for filling vacant State Senator or Delegate positions.  Stripping out the lawyerese, it provides, in Article III, Section 13, that the pertinent Central Committee shall submit, in writing, the name of a person whom the Governor shall appoint to that vacancy.  (For those who remember their English grammar, the verb “shall” is directive – not discretionary.)  By definition, the Central Committee does not “nominate;” it elects. 
Some folks didn’t like the Central Committee’s choice; I get that.  Some folks didn’t like the Committee’s shroud of secrecy; I get that, too.  There’s a lot not to like about how the Central Committee did its job.  But the fact is, under the State Constitution, the Central Committee did do its job – in accordance with that Constitution.  To Ms. Hake’s comment about Government officials obeying the law, not breaking it, that’s precisely what occurred on 1/22/15, when the Governor’s staff “persuaded” the Committee to submit to their will and intent, and disregard the law.  Is this the kind of “democracy” Ms. Hake is promoting?
While we’re at it, let’s look at this talk about previous Governors rejecting other Central Committees’ submissions.  In each case, the individual had already been expelled by his own chamber, and would not have been re-accepted by them; neither case ever went to Court.  This law has never even been tested, much less overturned.  By definition, there is no “precedent.”   
Bud Nason
P.S. The above is just one more reason why WTP is resurrecting our series on understanding and protecting our rights and our freedoms.  To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, if we don’t know what our own Law of the Land says, how can we know our freedoms and rights; our system of checks and balances that protect those freedoms and rights; our governments’ delegated powers and responsibilities; and how we can enforce and maintain them.  Come; learn; protect.   


Bud Nason



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